Recruitment Marketing 101 by Amy Wunderlich
Employer Branding, Marketing, Recruitment

Recruitment Marketing 101

Whether you work in HR or marketing, you’re likely familiar with the term “Recruitment Marketing”. But what exactly is it? Recruitment Marketing is a form of marketing used to attract, engage, and retain potential new hires. The tactics used in Recruitment Marketing range from content marketing to email marketing to social media to recruiting events to SEO and much more.

Why Recruitment Marketing?

In this candidate-driven job market, it takes more than simply posting a job online to attract the right person for your open position. The jobs landscape is competitive; filled with thousands of job postings all fighting for the attention of the “perfect” job seeker. According to a recent study by Glassdoor, 66% of Millennials, who currently account for the largest generation in the U.S. workforce, expect to leave their organization by 2020. This means that companies need to get creative when it comes to attracting and retaining the right candidates.

Who Oversees Recruitment Marketing: Recruiters or Marketers?

The line between talent acquisition and marketing is blurred in Recruitment Marketing. Recruiters and marketers need to think alike to create an effective hiring strategy. Whether your company outsources their Recruitment Marketing to an agency or your recruiting and marketing teams work collaboratively, having all parties involved equipped with recruiting and marketing knowledge is essential.

Recruitment Marketing Strategies

When creating your strategy, you need to outline your goals before diving in. Determine who the ideal candidate is, what their background looks like, where they should live, etc. Culture is a huge factor for many companies when it comes to hiring a new employee, so position your company in a way that matches the interests of your ideal candidate.

Each form of marketing requires a specific strategy used to attract the right candidate for your open position. See below for a quick overview of the most popular types of inbound marketing tactics and strategies used to attract new hires.

  • Content Marketing: After you’ve outlined your strategy, you’ll want to think like your ideal candidate in terms of what they might be interested in. Hiring a Marketing Manager? Write a blog about top digital marketing trends. Hiring recent college grads? Try writing a blog about top resume or interviewing tips. Create the type of content that your ideal candidates would find interesting to give them an incentive to visit your website. Too often are companies writing self-serving content that promotes their products or services rather than offering a piece that serves their target audience.
  • Email Marketing: Company email newsletters are a great way to share internal company events, available jobs, new blogs and more. Ensure that your subject line is catchy, your email is mobile-friendly and that the audience you’re targeting matches the tone in the email. For B2B companies, sending a monthly or bi-weekly newsletter is typically best. Avoid sending more than once a week.
  • Social Media: Sharing your job postings on social media expands your reach further than solely posting your job on your website. Make sure your company social channels reflect the culture of your company to ensure that you’re attracting the right culture fit. Each social channel should have a purpose. Try using LinkedIn to share industry-related content and your available jobs and Facebook to share internal events, like birthdays and anniversaries.
  • Recruiting Events: Hosting regular recruiting events are a great way to meet potential new hires in person. In this digital era, we often forget the importance of putting a face to a name and making a real-life connection with someone. Try hosting a job fair or a happy hour networking event.
  • SEO: In any digital piece of content you write (job posting, blog, social media post, etc.) you’ll want to make sure your copy is optimized for search. This means that you’ll use keywords in your content that potential job seekers would use in a Google search in hopes of your company showing up in their search results.
  • PPC: Since you’re competing against thousands of various companies who are hiring for positions like yours, utilizing pay per click (PPC) ads on platforms like LinkedIn and AdWords can give you a competitive advantage and ensure your posting is seen by more potential job seekers.

Regardless of which Recruitment Marketing tactics your company is using, make sure it’s consistent. However your company portrays itself in its marketing efforts should be identical to what a new hire experiences on their first day on the job and throughout their tenure with your company.

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