How to Use Reddit for Hiring by Amy Wunderlich
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How to Use Reddit for Hiring

A few months back, I wrote a blog, “The Best Social Media Networks for Finding a Job”, on how to find a job using various social networks. This time around, I’ve narrowed my focus on how hiring managers can utilize the popular network Reddit to find job seekers.

If you’ve heard of Reddit but are unfamiliar with how it works, you’re not alone. Reddit is an online community where users submit content in very specific ‘subreddits’. There is a subreddit for everything. Just use the search bar on the homepage and type in any topic you want to read about or share content on. I promise, it’ll be on there. As the 7th largest website in the U.S., Reddit has 234 unique users and receives 8 billion monthly page views. It’s no wonder why job seekers and hiring managers alike are setting their sights on Reddit.

To use Reddit for hiring, start out by making a profile. I suggest either using your company name as the username OR your full name. You can choose any username you want on Reddit, but try to keep it professional if you don’t want to use your actual name (i.e. “JaneTheRecruiter”). Once you’re set up with an account, use the search bar to find relevant subreddits. There are two types of subreddits you’ll want to find: subreddits to share your job postings on and subreddits where job seekers post what types of jobs they’re looking for. Focus on keywords like hiring, hire, jobs, job openings, etc. to find relevant subreddits. Once you’ve found a subreddit, you can either share your available job, one by one, OR you can contact anyone who has posted that they are searching for a job. Bonus: Reddit can drive an immense amount of traffic to your site. The more you post, the more traffic you’ll attract, which will boost your company’s brand awareness. Your marketing team will love you. 😎

To make your life easier, I’ve collected the following Subreddits* for posting jobs and attracting job seekers:

*You might want to try searching for specific industries, like “tech jobs” or “healthcare jobs”, while searching for subreddits.

Have you had success using Reddit for hiring or job searching?

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